Whose (Life) Mind is it Anyway?

Whose (Life) Mind is it Anyway?

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Whose Life Mind is it Anyway?
Dream your dreams…Live your life

So, how different would our lives be if we started with the answers (dreams? vision of the future???)

What if the fairy tale ending or the solution was our beginning instead of the end? How differently would we approach life – if we were able to explore just for the sake of pure exploration? How much more would we use more of our minds? What could we create when our conscious mind steps aside and allow our unconscious mind to emerge as the provider and processor of our dreams?

Maybe our society is just too solution focused for our own good. From our early days and throughout our education we are taught to look for the answers to the problems and generally there is only one ‘right’ solution. How limiting is this process to the creative mind? How might we be limiting our possibilities when we operate only on the limited beliefs our conscious mind gives us – on only one way to think or come to a solution?

It seems to me this new way of thinking would be a completely different way to approach our lives as well as our society. What if? What if we were not so solution focused? What if thinking ‘outside of ‘their box’ allows for a new paradigm? How different would our world be if we all had the answers and started from where we are instead of being in constant pursuit of where we are supposed to be? Maybe we would all be a lot happier. Maybe life would be a lot simpler. Maybe, just maybe, a more creative mind would emerge that embraced the connections that we all seem to be craving.

The ‘one way to do’ mentality stifles our creativity and perhaps that it is at the core of our society’s quest to keep up with the Jones’s – -or the Kardashians – – and other insane pressures we put ourselves under to do, be, or have ‘it’. Is there really only one way for a person to look, dress, be married, parent or succeed? Who decided that this ‘one way’ is the right way and why are so many in pursuit of this answer? No matter what our influences have been in our lives – how much of what we think, believe, see, do – even allow ourselves to dream of – comes from outside our true selves, instead of from our inner spirt, that force of life that lives within? How much better off would we be if everyone didn’t feel as if they had to keep up with the arbitrarily and externally decided answer?
Less pressure and less angst just might create a society that is more creative in its pursuit of happiness instead of being so narrowly focused – on being right, others being wrong, and creating so much pain.…

Life doesn’t come with a guide book nor does it come with a rule book. Yes, society does come with rules and accepted policies for living, but self awareness would afford us all with the knowledge of who we really are as an individual. Allowing ourselves to be originals and to tap into our unconscious attention is a way to switch off the thoughts and opinions of others. When you are able to turn off your old programs and the programs of others and find out who you really are underneath it all, might that just lead to an inner knowledge and ultimately an inner peace and happiness? We would all benefit from controlling our own thoughts instead of the thoughts of others controlling us. Our individual perceptions, once honored and accepted by us, will allow us all the freedom of self expression, self contentment and self love. And maybe, just maybe it wouldn’t be so important to be just like everybody else.

Explore who you really are and what you really want for your life. Live and dream your dreams. Start now…

Stay well, Suzy.

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